Hugh Dennis says he doesn't know if he'll be in Fleabag series 2

Fleabag is one of the biggest breakout comedy hits of recent years, and we’re all anticipating a second series, especially now that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is done filming and promoting Solo: A Star Wars Story.

A second series is apparently due for 2019, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing anything soon, however, as one of the biggest supporting cast members doesn’t know anything about it — including if he’ll be back or not.

Appearing on today’s (June 9) Zoe Ball on Saturday, Hugh Dennis was asked to reveal his info on series two.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I actually know nothing.

“I know the BBC want another series, but it is just a question of when you can get everybody together again.

“I don’t know whether I’ll be in the next series… you don’t quite know what’s happened, where your character goes or what the story is.

“But I’d love to do it, it was great.”

Producer Lydia Hampson previously said: “The key is to not retread old ground, Fleabag’s in a very different place in life from where we left her.

“The whole of the first series, it was a façade. She was shiny and prim on top, but you didn’t know she was grieving underneath it all. In that last episode, we saw she was broken. We can’t go back to pretending she’s fine again.”

Zoe Ball on… continues tomorrow (June 10) at 8.30am on ITV.

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