Iconic Neighbours star to play a baddie in EastEnders? Susan Kennedy’s Jackie Woodburne reveals she would love to star in BBC soap

The actress, who plays the role of Erinsborough resident Susan Kennedy, has been on the Australian soap for 22 years, explained what she could get up to if she was ever to leave her role.

“I would do EastEnders because it’s so different from Neighbours,” the actress, who is involved in a dramatic storyline involving another teacher who is taking drastic measures to take her job, exclusively told OK! Online.

“It’s much grittier and it would be a lovely change.”

Praising the UK’s television output for giving actors and actresses a range of interesting roles, Jackie, who recently shocked fans with her Irish accent, added: “I think in the UK, you make some fantastic television with older women characters who are much more than mums and grandmothers – they’re very accomplished professional powerful women and I think it makes great TV.

Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne to appear in EastEnders: Jackie Woodburne has revealed her hopes of appearing on EastEnders [Channel 5]

“I would be very happy to come here once I’m done with Neighbours and work here for a while.”

While it might be a shock for Neighbours fans to see Jackie wondering around Albert Square, they’re going to be more surprised to learn that she wants to play someone who is the complete opposite of sweet and wholesome Susan.

“It’s [EastEnders] the polar opposite of Neighbours and that’s the appeal.

“I’d like to play a baddie, a real baddie. That would be great fun. I think I could find my inner evil if I had the chance.”

However, Jackie’s cameo in the BBC soap may take a while as the actress appeared very happy staying Down Under.

Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne to appear in EastEnders: Susan is currently embroiled in a dramatic storyline with troubled teacher Finn Kelly [ITV]
Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne to appear in EastEnders: Will Finn be caught out on Neighbours [Channel 5]
Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne to appear in EastEnders: Jackie said that EastEnders is a lot grittier than Neighbours [BBC]

The star even stated that if Susan and Karl, played by Alan Fletcher, were ever to break up again, she would still continue.

“We haven’t had the chat really but I think…Because Karl and Susan have been separated a couple of times for years, they both do function very well as individuals.

“They are both characters that can go across other characters and stories.”

Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne to appear in EastEnders: Jackie revealed that she would like to play a baddie on the show [BBC]

She added: “I think certainly if one wanted to leave, for both of us it would be the case of, ‘well you do what is right for you, it’s your life, you do what makes you happy’.”

Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.

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