With Ingrid gone Eastenders fans are convinced a Sharon and Keanu romance is on the cards

A possible romance between Sharon and Keanu has been exciting Eastenders fans for weeks now.

As unlikely as the pairing may seem to some, the two have certainly demonstrated some serious chemistry in their recent scenes together.

And in tonight’s episode (May 4) viewers were even more convinced that a dangerous liaison is on the cards, after Keanu became suddenly single.

Tonight viewers said goodbye to Keanu’s girlfriend (and Jack’s nanny) Ingrid, who decided to leave Walford to go travelling.

But fans sensed Rainie had something to do with her quick exit, as Ingrid’s departure meant that Rainie and Max could move into her recently-vacated house.

With Ingrid leaving there was a lot of sympathy for newly-single Keanu, who didn’t seem to have a clue his girlfriend was about to leave.

But then fans realised that Ingrid leaving meant he was finally free to pursue Sharon.

But of course, not everyone ships Sharon and Keanu.

And there’s also the small matter of Sharon’s husband Phil Mitchell, who really isn’t the kind of guy you should mess with. Ever.

So what do you think, are Sharon and Keanu Walford’s next hottest couple?

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