Israel's Eurovision 2018 winner Netta accused of cultural appropriation for Japan-inspired styling

It wouldn’t be Eurovision without some kind of controversy.

Israel’s singer Netta Barzilai, who won the competition with a whopping 529 points for her song ‘Toy’, has been accused of appropriating Japanese culture with her performance.

The singer wore her take on a traditional kimono dress with her hair up in two buns, and performed in front of two walls of Japanese maneki-neko cat figurines.

Social media was awash with very political views on the performance.

One user tweeted:”Let that sink in a Country that is bullying another country for half a century won the Eurovision with an antibullying song while acting as a chicken and appropriating Japanese culture.”

Another wrote: “Ok so…I really did love #Israel #Eurovision song, I really did BUT…that cultural appropriation of Japanese culture was super unnecessary!! Why though? I wish they didn’t do that. *sigh*.”

A third Twitter user wrote: “so someone who literally used Japanese culture as a prop won the #Eurovision ? good job.”

In other Eurovision controversy, UK entrant SuRie was interrupted by a stage invader who grabbed her microphone as she sung ‘Storm’.

She managed to power on through and shrug off the disturbance, winning plenty of praise from fans and Graham Norton.

Despite all that high drama, SuRie’s performance was only enough for 48 points, putting the UK in third from bottom at 24 out of 26 contestants.

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