Could ITV's Innocent return for series 2?

ITV drama Innocent concluded its four-episode run last night (May 17), but is there any chance of it returning for a second series?

Although the finale wrapped things up in a satisfactory way according to viewers and had no cliffhanger, the show has proven to be popular across the past four nights.

Lee Ingleby, who stars as David Collins in the drama, was asked for his thoughts on a possible second series by RadioTimes. And if you’re hoping for more episodes with David, you may be disappointed with his response.

“I think it’s a self-contained thing,” he said, suggesting that the likelihood of a series two is pretty low as things stand.

Co-star Daniel Ryan (David’s brother Phil in the drama) added: “It’s a one-off.”

That said, there hasn’t been confirmation either way, so a return for the programme could still happen. Spoilers follow below this photo if you haven’t seen last night’s episode yet…

The series finale concluded the investigation into death of Tara, as it was revealed that Phil was the one who killed her.

David confronted his brother, and Phil admitted that he had let David take the rap for the crime.

The episode ended with Phil being arrested and David deciding to raise the kids alongside their aunt and uncle, who had been taking care of them since David went to prison.

Innocent aired on ITV, and is available on demand on the ITV Hub.

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