Jon Hamm negotiates with terrorists in new Beirut trailer

Jon Hamm is putting his negotiating skills to a potentially deadly test in the new trailer for the upcoming film Beirut.

Hamm stars in the 1982-set film as Mason Skiles, a former Lebanon-based U.S. diplomat who shed his duties after the death of his wife. Ten years later, he’s called back to Beirut by the American government to negotiate with a terrorist militia for the life of an abducted colleague — a mission that could put him face-to-face with his wife’s murderer.

Directed by Brad Anderson (The Machinist) from a script by Tony Gilroy (the Bourne trilogy, Michael Clayton), the movie also stars Rosamund Pike, Dean Norris, Larry Pine, and Shea Whigham.

Beirut opens in theaters April 13. Watch the new trailer above.


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