Justin Bieber casually brushes his teeth mid-interview on live TV

Following on from cancelling a string of concerts on his current tour and colliding with paparazzi with his Hummer, Justin Bieber has appeared in one of the strangest interviews we’ve seen in a while.

At a conference for the controversial Hillsong Church, a very touchy-feely Bieber chatted about his shoes, spoke about Jesus, and casually brushed his teeth mid-interview.

You can watch it here, but prepare to cringe:

From what we can see, he doesn’t have any paste on his mini toothbrush, and he clearly didn’t rinse it under a tap first. Maybe he just had something stuck in his gnashers and needed to get it out.

The ‘Eenie Meenie’ hitmaker is believed to have cancelled the rest of his Purpose tour, which he has been on for two years, due to exhaustion.

When paparazzi caught the singer at the beach and asked him to give a message to his fans, Bieber said: “I love you guys, I think you guys are awesome.

© YouTube/Hillsong

“I’m sorry for anybody who feels, like, disappointed or betrayed, it’s not in my heart or anything, and have a blessed day.”

So while he would rather go and hang out with a very divisive church group than perform on the tour that fans have forked out a lot of money for, at least people can’t criticise him for having poor dental hygiene…

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