Lorraine Kelly reveals why Mr Motivator always wore a bum bag when she makes a surprising confession about the fitness instructor

The fitness instructor, whose real name is Derrick Errol Evans, was brought up in conversation when Mark Heyes spoke about the revival of bum bags.

While Mark explained how the bag made a comeback in terms of high fashion, the TV presenter thought she would share a little anecdote about Mr Motivator who used to get GMTV’s audience up an moving first thing in the morning.

“The thing was with Mr Motivator – I can tell you this – he had to wear that because tight lycra and a bulge, you need something to distract the eye.

“That’s what it was all about.

Lorraine Kelly reveals surprising Mr Motivator secret: Lorraine Kelly revealed why Mr Motivator had to wear a bum bag all the time [ITV]

“It was his signature look,” the presenter went on to confirm.

“But it was for health and safety.”

Shocked by the news, Mark was left speechless by the TV presenter’s admission.

With reference to Mr Motivator, many viewers have been left wondering what the fitness star is up to.

After leaving GMTV in 2003, Derrick moved back to Jamaica with his family where he runs an adventure tourism business.

However, Mr Motivator is still alive and well.

Lorraine Kelly reveals surprising Mr Motivator secret: Mr Motivator got everyone up and exercising on GMB from the 90s [ITV]
Lorraine Kelly reveals surprising Mr Motivator secret: Lorraine brought up the subject of Mr Motivator after Mark revealed they were making a comeback [ITV]
Lorraine Kelly reveals surprising Mr Motivator secret: The presenter and Mark Heyes laughed about the return of bum bags [ITV]

The fitness star still performs as his alter ego at festivals.

In fact, the star recently returned to the UK to visit a school to motivate kids to exercise.

“Fitness has been my life for 40 years and it’s really important that we take any opportunity we get to inspire and motivate young people,” he told the Coventry Telegraph.

“The fitness sessions have been a great opportunity to get the children moving.

Lorraine Kelly reveals surprising Mr Motivator secret: Mark was seen laughing as Lorraine made her admission [ITV]

“Music is a great motivator and the children have had a lot of fun. They’ve all been so enthusiastic and looked fantastic in true Mr Motivator style.”

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