Love Island: Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay REUNITE just days after split following Simon Searles drama – but viewers predict an ulterior motive after recoupling hits villa?

Love Island: Amber and Kem have appeared to reunite after their split [ITV]

Ken and Amber coupled up after she was originally with Harley Judge, and got together in the second recoupling.

The islanders have been together on Love Island ever since, but the arrival of Simon Searles threw a spanner into the works.

As Amber went on a date with Simon and confessed to liking him, Kem was pretty angry and admitted he wasn’t sure he and Amber were working.

After a heated row, Amber and Kem called it quits and said they were over – remaining civil until the next recoupling.

Love Island: Amber and Kem agreed to a clean slate [ITV]
Love Island: Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay split after an emotional conversation last week [ITV]

But as that surprise recoupling approached, it appeared Kem and Amber were not over after all.

As the former couple woke up in their bed, Amber hinted she wanted to give things another go.

Amber told Kem: “We’ve wasted so much time and energy when we both want to be with each other so much.

“We’ve just got to take every day as it comes,” Amber continued as Kem agreed: “No games.”

Love Island: Amber Davies decided to reconcile with Kem Cetinay [ITV]

He continued: “Nothing. No trying to make each other jealous. We’ve just got to start with a clean slate.”

Later on in the show, the villa was rocked by another recoupling amongst the islanders.

And Kem decided to pick Amber, admitting he would always care for her no matter what went down.

Viewers were divided over the scenes, while some questioned whether Amber had an ulterior motive for the change of heart.

Love Island: Amber and Kem are back together for now [ITV]

One fan said: “Amber is trying to get back with Kem to save herself getting voted off any time soon.”

Another agreed: “Surely Amber is only trying to get back with Kem cos he’s got someone else he could get with and she hasn’t.”


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