Love Island fans in hysterics as Ellie Brown 'tries to put off' Dr Alex George by going to bed with blobs of toothpaste on her face

Viewers claimed the Geordie lass, 20, was trying to avoid getting up close and personal with the London doctor, 27, by wearing jogging bottoms, putting blobs of toothpaste on her face and moving her pillow as far away from his as possible.

Towards the beginning of last night's episode the couples were all seen getting into bed, with Alex and Ellie sharing a duvet for the first time after coupling up.

However, Ellie appeared to using every possible method to avoid having to spoon with Alex by wearing a black T-shirt, full-length grey jogging bottoms and toothpaste on her face.

She also put her pillow as far away from the excited doc as possible.

Despite the signals Ellie was giving off, the couple did briefly share an awkward hug goodnight.

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Those watching at home rushed to Twitter in hysterics at the sight Ellie's bedroom look.

One wrote: "Ellie going to bed with full joggers on and spot cream/toothpaste on her face. Nice girl and all but I don't think she's romantically interested in Alex #LoveIsland"

Another said: "Ellie getting in bed with Alex with trackies on says it all really #loveisland"

A third added: "Look as the space between Ellie and Alex looool she even wore full length jogging bottoms #LoveIsland"

It comes after fans accused Ellie of using Alex to stay in the competition.

In a teaser for tonight's show the doctor raged how an unnamed person – likely Ellie – had said something about him behind his back.

An angry Alex fumed: "If she says that I'm going to f***ing explode. That is bulls**t. She hasn't talked to me. She hasn't acknowledged me.

"Not only hasn't she tried, she's been rude to me."

The writing appeared to be on the wall before the latest recoupling when Ellie revealed her true feelings.

In a heart to heart with Alex, she said: "I think at the minute it’s kind of like ‘oh they’re speaking, oh they’re in the pool’ but I think if we were in a couple, it might take the edge off and we can actually see if it’s natural or if we just don’t work.

"To me everything just feels, I’ll be honest, very robotic. And I don’t feel natural, I don’t feel in my comfort zone, and I do feel too under pressure for us to be a thing.

"And I’m kind of hoping that if we do recouple, well obviously the ball’s in your court, I have no control."

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