Love Island: First two contestants ‘REVEALED’

Love Island 2018 is returning this summer [ITV2]

Love Island 2018 is set to return to television screens this summer with an explosive new series.

However, it looks as though two potential ladies on the line-up could be Coach Trip twins Ruby and Pearl Day, who have revealed that they’d love to do the ITV2 reality series.

Talking to Daily Star Online, Pearl said: “We 100% want to do more reality TV.

“We’ve done commercials and stuff and we love being in front of the camera. Any reality show we watch and like, we’d do.”

Coach Trip twins Ruby and Pearl Day[E4]

Love Island: Ruby Day [Instagram/Ruby Day]

To which her sister, Ruby, added to the publication: “Love Island would be a really good one. You get to just lay down, in a bikini, tanning your skin and surrounded with fit hunky men with six packs. It doesn’t really get better! It’s like heaven on Earth.”

While Pearl, who also starred alongside Gaz Beadle on MTV’s Spring Break with Granddad, opened up about whether they’d have sex on television. 

Talking to the publication, she said: “If you went on Love Island and you started dating someone right from the beginning and you’re with them 24/7.

“When you’re in that environment, a week is like a month – it’s hard to say never say never to sex on TV!

Love Island: Pearl Day[Instagram/Pearl Day]

Love Island star Kem Cetinay has had a successful career since the show and is now on Dancing on Ice 

“Years ago, it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s so bad!” But now every show you watch it kind of happens.

“You look at it and just stop taking notice of it. It’s so common now, you just blink.”

The twins also revealed how the ITV2 dating show has led to successful careers for its contestants with Kem Cetinay currently on Dancing On Ice while Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes are getting their own TV series. 

Ruby added: “It brings so many opportunities after, and so many people have done so well from it. A man’s a bonus. You get a holiday, a career and a boyfriend, it’s three things in one.”

Love Island stars Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes have got their own TV show since the reality series [WireImage]

Will the twins be on the new series of Love Island?

Love Island returns to ITV2 soon…


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