How the Love Island host Caroline Flack's intense love affair with Andrew Brady turned toxic

From cosy Instagram pictures to gushing magazine interviews, the Love Island host, 38, could not hide her excitement at having found The One.

Now, just two days after she and fiance Andrew Brady announced their split, there is a river of bad blood between the warring couple.

Last night a close pal revealed Andrew, 27, is making it “as difficult and painful for Caroline as possible”. The row looks set to rumble on.

But as friends rally around devastated Caroline, her camp are secretly hoping the more nasty he is, the less likely she is to have him back.

Andrew, a former Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother contestant, popped the question after they had been dating for just three months, so it is perhaps unsurprising that love has turned to hate just as quickly.

Andrew announced their break- up on Instagram without telling Caroline, as if trying to steal the limelight even as they parted.

Confirming their split on Tuesday, Caroline wrote: “It was not to be. I wish him all the best.”

But now it has emerged that Caroline discovered Andrew has already spoken to producers on Celebs Go Dating — where famous singletons look for love.

He attended a meeting with the reality show’s bosses on Wednesday — 24 hours after the split. The latest bid to enhance his fame has left Caroline believing he had been trying to orchestrate the move for some time. A pal said: “She is livid.”

Andrew has become infuriated as the nation’s sympathy has swung towards unlucky-in-love Caroline.

The friend told The Sun: “Andrew is angry he has come out looking like the bad guy.”

The pair also fought over custody of their French bulldog puppy Ruby, who they bought last month.

They have reached to an agreement — but how long it will last is anyone’s guess.

Getting a pet was just one part of Caroline’s rush to settle down. Her pals warned against the relationship and did not think the pair would make it down the aisle.

They had suspicions about Andrew’s motives. Caroline never had paparazzi hanging around her house until she started dating him — then suddenly she was getting pictured outside her home.

Could Andrew, who had been keen to get publicity for himself after The Apprentice, be responsible for the ­sudden extra attention?

But she did not want to hear that her beloved was only interested in being in the public eye.

Even so, alarm bells started ringing early on in their relationship.

A day after Caroline confirmed their romance with a selfie of her kissing Andrew’s cheek in the snow in March, a woman claimed he had spent the night with her after meeting her in a nightclub in Chester.

Andrew flatly denied the claim. But he and Caroline were pictured having a bust-up outside TraTra restaurant in Shoreditch, East London, a few days later, and briefly split.

To the dismay of her pals, Caroline was soon back in Andrew’s arms.

Those who dared blacken his name were swiftly unfollowed on social media by loyal Caroline.

When relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr wrote in a newspaper that she should steer clear of toyboys if she wanted to settle down, Caroline tweeted angrily: “What would you suggest as my treatment? A course of anti women pills and a shot of mind your own f***ing business?” Andrew seemed equally unprepared for negative feedback when he posted a picture of them curled up together.

After he disabled comments under the photo, a fan asked: “Are you afraid of other girls coming forward & exposing this sh***y pr stunt?”

Pictures of the reunited pair began to emerge, despite Caroline being determined to keep their relationship low-key. Andrew even appeared topless and leaning out of a window of her home for all the assembled photographers to capture.

Within a month of reuniting, Caroline had tattooed “AB” — her fiance’s initials — on her wrist.

Caroline, who won Strictly Come Dancing in 2014, clearly hoped Andrew had changed. After all, this was a man who had described himself as a “bit of a ladies’ man”.

Last year The Sun revealed he had bedded fellow Apprentice hopeful Anisa Topan in the BBC1 hit show’s house — even though she was engaged. He also slept with glamour model Gail Harris after a raunchy photoshoot. Still the Flack/Brady show rolled on, flitting between displays of affection and unfollowing each other on social media after spats.

Then in April, three months after they started dating, Caroline announced their engagement to her 1.7million Instagram followers. She was pictured flashing her three-stone diamond ring, and soon there were more photos of them on a trip to the Greek isle of Santorini.

It is now thought that Caroline, a millionaire, was supporting Brady financially during their romance.

But for someone who had been in the same unlucky-in-love category as Kylie and Jennifer Aniston, and whose exes include Prince Harry and Harry Styles, it’s no wonder Caroline wanted the world to know she had found The One.

Her most excruciating public display of affection is, rather embarrassingly, still on the newsstands.

This month’s Cosmopolitan mag features a letter penned by Caroline to Andrew. She gushes: “You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.”

In another interview she revealed she had asked her twin sister Jody to be her maid of honour.

She excitedly told Sun columnist Lorraine Kelly at the Bafta awards, “I’m completely in love.”

And on Love Island she showed off her ring to the villa’s girls.

There were even hints at her wanting to start a family.

She told Women’s Health magazine: “I thought work was always what I wanted to do. Maybe I just hadn’t met the right guy.”

And Andrew’s Apprentice co-star Michaela Wain revealed: “He is desperate to be a dad.” Just a couple of weeks ago, Caroline posted a cringey selfie wearing a “Mrs Brady” baseball cap.

He posted a picture of the two of them in May captioned: “Thank GOD I found this one.”

Yet just a few days before their split, pictures emerged of what looked to be a heated row.

Friends say Andrew had started to treat Caroline badly and the relationship had became “toxic”.

She is now understood to believe he did cheat on her, and thinks he has been using her.

Last night a spokesman for Caroline declined to comment.

On Wednesday she emerged for the first time since news of the break-up. She was pictured in London still wearing her engagement ring.

Everyone who cares about her hopes that she will ditch it soon — and with it any last connection to this relationship.

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