Love Island spoiler: Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen have sex in the hideaway?

On the episode of Love Island – which will air on Sunday evening – Marcel Somerville requests some alone time for his partner Gabby Allen in the hideaway.

He asks the show: “Obviously me and Gabs, we’re getting along really well.

“I’m not trying to force nothing or anything like that, but is it possible for me to get the Hideaway tonight?

“Just so we can have a nice, intimate, personal night.

Love Island: Marcel Somerville asks for some time in the hideaway with Gabby Allen [ITV]
Love Island: Marcel Somerville asks Gabby Allen if she wants to spend time in the hideaway [ITV]

“Not saying that there’s going to be any sex going on as obviously I don’t want to rush nothing.”

However, Marcel’s wish is granted and he then surprises Gabby with the romantic gesture.

He says: “I thought to myself, you know what, I want to have a nice little moment with us where there’s not so many people around.

“So I asked if we could have the Hideaway, not for anything too much.

“Just so we could be together without you being embarrassed and stuff like that.

“So would you like to go to the Hideaway with me tonight? Promise you, I’m a gentleman forever.”

Love Island: Marcel Somerville asks Gabby Allen’s night of passion is interrupted by bees [ITV]
Love Island: Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen soon get passionate under the sheets [ITV]

Gabby is left overwhelmed by the sweet gesture and gushes: “I’m really excited. I’m nervous. You can’t just do that to me. We have to prepare.”

And it isn’t long until Olivia Attwood is lending the Liverpudlian beauty some of her sexy underwear, she asks: “Do you feel like you’re losing your virginity all over again, it’s like you’re 18?”

But Gabby is left embarrassed by the crude comment and replies: “No because I’m not going to be losing anything.”

However, Marcel and Gabby’s romantic evening is interrupted by some unwanted guests – bees!

The former Blazin’ Squad member moans: “Oh my god this is the worst night of my life. Gabs, this is the worst night of our lives.

“There’s another one over there. How do I open the door? This is my worst nightmare. There’s got to be a way to get this out.”

Love Island: Do Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen have sex in the hideaway? [ITV]

But it isn’t long until the bees are taken care off and the couple decide to get under the sheets with a passionate embrace.

While the next morning, the duo’s fellow Islanders speculate about what’s happened between them.

Montana Brown is convinced they’ve had sex and teases: “I think like, surely you would if you had the hideaway but then I’m not sure. You should have seen Gabs before she left. You should have seen the underwear Gabs had on.”

While Dom Lever tells the Beach Hut later on: “Marcel and Gabby…absolute mint couple. They are probably now the power couple in the villa.

“They spent the night in the Hideaway last night so I will get the down low on that later on.”

Love Island: The fellow Islanders speculate whether Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen have sex [ITV]

Do Marcel and Gabby have sex in the hideaway?

Love Island continues daily at 9pm on ITV.


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