Love Island: Tyla vows to DUMP Jonny over Theo

Only recently on Love Island, the villa was sent into meltdown as new islanders – Georgia Harrison and Theo Campbell – split up two couples.

During the routinely recoupling, Theo decided to pick Tyla Carr – despite her being with Jonny Mitchell – while Georgia chose Kem Cetinay – who was coupled up and even in a relationship with Amber Davies.

The shock split did not go down well with Jonny who let rip at Theo and called him a “b*****d” while later on Tyla confronted him over his behaviour and forced him to apologise to his opponent.

However, things take an even more dramatic turn in the villa’s love triangle on Monday’s episode when Tyla  vows to DUMP ‘boring’ Jonny as she gets closer to Theo and he threatens to leave the show.

Love Island: Tyla Carr opens up to Theo Campbell about Jonny Mitchell [ITV]
Love Island: Jonny Mitchell admits to Marcel Somerville that he doesn’t know where his head is [ITV]

The commotion comes about when Theo tells Tyla that he expects a special birthday breakfast if he’s still in the villa when he celebrates his birthday to which the duo decide to talk about Jonny.

The brunette beauty admits: “I’d mentioned a few things to him before how I need someone to be really playful and I don’t think much has changed. I feel like he’s quite in the background and I’m not like that. I need someone to be my partner in crime.”

To which Theo immediately goes to the Beach Hut and gushes: “I did come in 500 to 1 on my first day, no chance at all but I think my odds at the moment, are still not amazing but I reckon it’s come down to 33 to 1. I’m a bit of a gambler.”

Meanwhile, sensing that Tyla is getting closer with Theo, Jonny admits to Marcel Somerville that he has no idea what’s going on with their relationship and he doesn’t know where his head is at.

And later on, he confesses in the Beach Hut: “If I feel like if someone is invested in me enough, I’ll give them everything back but if I feel like I’m not getting as much back as I should, then I don’t see the point… I’m not feeling being here. It’s all getting the better of me… I’m just a bit fed up.”

However, it’s not long until the rest of the male Islanders are backing up Theo to get with Tyla and even support him.

Love Island: Theo Campbell gets the approval to pursue things with Tyla Carr from Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes [ITV]

Joking around with Kem and Chris Hughes, Theo says about the brunette beauty: “It’s taken five days to get a clear view on what to do because before I’ve been a lone wolf, a one-man army to try and do it myself but now I’ve got a few boys on my side…

“I was a bit unsure before, I didn’t want to mug myself off but the signs are there now. I’ve been watering that seed and the seed has been growing.”

Later on, Tyla opens up to Gabby about Jonny on the Nikki Beach beds, she says: “He’s a very mature guy. I can be mature but I can also find my inner child…if nothing changes today, I’m just going to finish it because I’m just bored.

“I need someone with a lot more energy, someone who is going to wear me out a bit, run about and chase me. Do stupid immature stuff.”

Love Island: Tyla Carr vows to call things off with Jonny Mitchell to Gabby Allen [ITV]

At the Pool Party, Jonny doesn’t seem in a celebrating mood and an explosive teaser trailer aired at the end of Sunday’s episode showed the contestant wanting to leave the villa.

While he admits in the Beach Hut: “If she is as into me as she has told me she is, she should be putting a bit of a barrier up with Theo and there shouldn’t be any touchy feely playtime, there shouldn’t be all these long winded conversations.

“It’s the sort of thing I wouldn’t do, I don’t think any other girl in this place would do it either.

“If Theo had picked Montana at the recoupling, she wouldn’t be acting like this with him I guarantee it.”

Love Island: Jonny Mitchell complains about Tyla Carr’s behaviour towards Theo Campbell in the Beach Hut [ITV]

At the end of the episode, Jonny and Tyla have a talk – will they put an end to their romance or work things out?

Love Island continues daily at 9pm on ITV2.


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