Man tries to explain Indiana Jones costume to woman who made it

A film fan found out the hard way that you don’t try to explain something to the person who made it.

Chronicle writer Max Landis has shared a hilarious exchange that took place on Facebook about a Jeopardy question about Indiana Jones’ costume between his mum Deborah and a film fan.

“Charlton Heston’s wardrobe in 1954’s Secret of the Incas inspired the clothes worn by this adventurous character 27 years later,” was the question and the correct answer was Indy, but one person wasn’t convinced.

They insisted it was The Greatest Show on Earth and even Deborah, who was the costume designer on Raiders of the Lost Ark, couldn’t convince them.

“The question is exactly right because I provided it. Raiders of the Lost Ark is almost frame for frame Secret of the Incas. Heston later wore the same great in Greatest Show. But his adventurer/treasure seeker Harry Steele came first,” she explained.

But they weren’t having it. “Greatest Show came out in 1952, Incas came out in 1954. Spielberg acknowledges he was inspired by Greatest Show in numerous interviews,” they hit back.

We’d just ignore them, but Deborah had the ideal response: “Really, ‘In Interviews’? I was there. He and I watched Incas together in an empty theater.”

Mic drop.

Max’s screenshot of the outstanding exchange quickly went viral and led to several jokes about ‘mansplaining’.

We’d say the film fan had learnt their lesson, but since they didn’t back down as soon as Deborah explained who she was, we’re not hopeful.

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