Mike Myers Tears Up Reminiscing About 'Austin Powers' Co-Star Verne Troyer

The creator of the movie franchise that launched Troyer’s career tells Jimmy Kimmel about the emotional funeral.

Perhaps no actor has been more associated with Verne Troyer than Mike Myers, who cast him for the second "Austin Powers" film, and when Myers dropped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live," he got a little emotional reminiscing about the Mini-Me actor, who passed away on April 21.

It was Troyer’s performance in the latter two "Austin Powers" films that catapulted him into superstar status, and Myers was more than happy to give Troyer most of the credit for that. "[He was] a great comedian," Myers said. "As written, Mini-Me is like almost a prop. But he brought it up off the page, made it better than written and we just ended up giving him more and more stuff to do. A great physical comedian, a great dancer, just a fantastic guy."

Myers choked up a few times talking about his long-time friend, and the full life he lived, even if he only got 49 years of it. "He wasn’t supposed to live past his teens," Myers said. Troyer had the rare genetic disorder cartilage-hair hypoplasia, which is a rare form of dwarfism.

But despite his stature and short life expectation, Troyer lived every second of his life to the fullest, and Myers got to see that at his funeral. "You saw 150 years worth of life in this photo montage. Everybody was just watching this thing. He went everywhere."

And more than 15 years after the final "Austin Powers" film, everyone Myers meets, including President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, always ask him about "Mini-Me."

"Verne brought so much love to people," Myers said.

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