Mouthing off: There's more to Cobra Kai than pure nostalgia

I wouldn't exactly say I approve of YouTube making its own TV shows. YouTube is where you go for music videos and irritating people laughing at their own jokes while playing Minecraft: producing its own programmes seems like a demarcation violation. But like the biblical lion's corpse from which Samson took the honeycomb, from something foul and putrid has come something amazingly sweet. I speak here of Cobra Kai, the continuation of the Karate Kid saga, for which we've been waiting nearly 30 years.

Cobra Kai follows the trials and tribulations of Johnny Lawrence, the handsome young man from the first film, who had made a commitment to work hard at his studies and turn his life around before a snot-nosed punk named Daniel LaRusso kicked him in the face in a blatantly illegal move to win the All Valley Karate Championship.

Billy Zabka has reprised his role of Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai.

The story of the Karate Kid has risen from the massage table as if Pat Morita himself rubbed its leg, and it is here to tell us: there is always a second chance.

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