MP announces she's on her period on TV to make point about sanitary product costs

Scottish Labour MP for Midlothian Danielle Rowley revealed that she was on her period in Parliament (and on TV), in order to make an important point and break the stigma surrounding menstruation.

Rowley said to her follow MPs that: “Today I’m on my period. And it’s cost me, already this week, £25.

“We know the average cost of a period in the UK, over a year, is £500. Many women simply can’t afford this.

“What is the minister doing to address period poverty?”

Victoria Atkins, the minister for women, responded to Rowley’s question, stating that the government has invest £1.5 million in the ‘Let’s Talk Periods’ project, which provides free sanitary products to those who struggle financially.

Atkins also states that the government is committed to removing the VAT rate on sanitary products once the UK leaves the European Union.

Following an outpouring of support and coverage of Rowley’s honesty, the MP tweeted that: “A lot of unexpected coverage of me talking about my period – which is great, but also highlights the need to talk about periods more openly.

“A woman mentioning her period shouldn’t be such huge news – let’s use this opportunity and work together to get to a place where it’s not!”

In response to critics who were skeptical of Rowley spending £25 a month on period products, she said that she’s going to write about her experiences, in order to illustrate that not everyone who has a period goes through the same thing.

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