Mum claims Love Island's Idris Virgo is father to her daughter — and he refuses to take DNA test

Fay Louise Knott says the boxer from Birmingham, 25, refused to do a DNA test for her daughter.

She made the claims on Facebook following his entry into the villa on last night’s show and is now demanding to go on the show and make him take a test.

Fay said: “OMG so the guy I dated (Idris) is Love Island’s new islander and he claims to be 2/5 snake but wouldn’t even do a DNA for her to confirm anything.

“OMG I’m angry but this is actually hilarious.”

She added: “I might go on Love Island this year to get that DNA of Idris for my daughter."

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ITV declined to comment.

Idris was seen for the first time on the ITV2 show last night following the dumping of Frankie Foster and Grace Wardle.

Before going on he insisted he didn’t think any of his ex-girlfriends would bad mouth him.

He said: “I have had a few girlfriends but have been single for two and a half years.

“I don’t think my exes would say anything bad about me because they all loved me but things just didn’t work out. I need to settle down now.

“I need someone to push me and motivate me so it is time to find someone.”

Idris took Scot Laura Anderson on a first date when he told her Jack Fowler had kissed Georgia Steel following a furious bust-up at who had instigated it.

He told her: “Do you believe in Jack?”

She replied: “Yeah! I think so! Do you not think we’re right?”

Smiling, Idris replied: “Not necessarily but on that date I saw him go in for a kiss with Georgia?”

Laura looked stunned and asked: “What? You saw him kiss her?”

Viewers branded him a liar last night saying it was Georgia made the move

One tweeted: “@LoveIsland you lot need to show the footage of Jack and Georgia to the villa asap. Idris telling lies is not on.”

Another wrote: “Idris why did you just lie to Laura? Clearly jealous of what her and Jack have. Go awayyyyy!”

While a third told their followers: “Why did Idris just lie to Laura though?!”

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