New thriller Trauma pits a grieving dad against a high-flying medic

ITV’s latest thriller sees a desperate dad blame a high-flying surgeon for the death of his son.

John Simm and Adrian Lester lead the cast in a psychological drama with all sorts of twists and turns to look forward to.

Trauma is the latest show from Mike Bartlett, who also wrote award-winning Suranne Jones drama Doctor Foster.

And it’s clear that ITV want this show to be a hit – you’ll find it difficult to miss all the adverts and promotions in the papers, on the TV, and on the tube.

So here is everything you need to know about the show that everyone will be talking about this week…


Sweet teenage boy Alex is stabbed and rushed to hospital. His frantic parents put their faith in the skills of trauma consultant Jon Allerton – but he can’t save their son.

Dad Dan (John Simm) is bereft, naturally. But he’s also left with a nagging doubt that he can’t put out of his mind.

Did Jon – played by Adrian Lester – truly do everything he could to save Alex? Or did he make a mistake that meant the difference between life and death?

As factory worker Dan searches for answers he becomes obsessed with the life of the successful London surgeon.

This intense and often harrowing three-part drama, written by Doctor Foster creator Mike Bartlett, asks us to think about the hand life has dealt us, and whether we should always put our trust in the Establishment.

You’ll change your opinion about Dan and Jon at least three times – and that’s just in the first episode.


Trauma is a three-part drama that will air on Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th February at 9pm on ITV.


The story revolves around dad Dan, played by John Simm, who recently reprised his role as The Master in Doctor Who.

Simm has been pretty busy recently – as well as Trauma he has been filming BBC miniseries Collateral which also starts on Monday 12th February. The four-part thriller – co-starring Carey Mulligan and Billie Piper – will air weekly on BBC2 until March 5th.

Trauma also stars Hussle actor Adrian Lester, who was last seen on our screens on Sky Atlantic’s Riviera.

Other familiar faces include Rowena King, who plays Jon’s wife Lisa and has previously appeared in Criminal Minds and Death In Paradise. Dan’s wife Susie is played by Rome actress Lyndsey Marshal.


DAN BOWKER – John Simm

Married: To Susie (Lyndsey Marshal), who works at Asda

Children: Murder victim Alex (Albie Marber) plus Catherine and David

Work: About to be made redundant from a factory

Education: The School of Hard Knocks and the University of Life

Hobbies: He’s too busy keeping his family afloat

Most likely to say: ‘I wasn’t born to the right people – and neither was my son’

JON ALLERTON – Adrian Lester

Married: To Lisa (Rowena King), who is a successful psychiatrist

Children: One, Alana (Jade Anouka), who hopes to become a doctor too

Work: Trauma surgeon at a London hospital

Education: A five-year medical degree and up to 10 years of general, surgical and speciality training

Hobbies: Rock-climbing with Alana

Most likely to say: ‘There’s always a chance that there’s something we can’t see’


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