Project Runway All Stars finale recap: Season 6, Episode 13

Project Runway All Stars

The sixth season of Project Runway All Stars has finally come to an end, and it’s been a joyous, fabulous, and wild ride.

The final episode starts with the final three designers walking into the work room to a huge surprise: help to finish their collections. Helen, Candice, and Amanda are all back to help Fabio, Anthony and Stanley, respectively. What ensues is a burst of happiness and excitement from both the eliminated and finalist designers — and lots of hugs.

Each of the designers explains their collection to their little helpers and get to work really fast. Helen and Fabio are a match made in heaven and I love them together. They’re young, chic, and in the words of a Isaac Mizrahi, “fresh.” Candice is totally head-over-heels with Anthony’s Audrey Hepburn-meets-Rihanna collection but is worried about all the work they have to do in just a few days.

Oh in case y’all forgot, Alyssa told the final three designers that they have to add one more look to their collection — taking the total look count to seven per designer. They better WORK.

All three designers decide to re-work their signature look because they have newfound inspiration after the curveball the judges threw their way in the last challenge.

Anne Fulenwider, the mentor, checks in with the designers before they present the looks to the judges. Anne goes deep with Fabio and his blue, white, and hints of yellow collection. Ultimately, the collection is very Fabio, but Anne suggests adding a little more yellow — and he listens.

As for Stanley, well, his “modern, bold and classic” collection isn’t really as striking as it should be. Anne pushed him to do something that stands out. Honestly his color scheme is boring and for once, I agree with the All Stars mentor.

“You don’t get points for just tasteful, classy, and wearable,” Anne tells Stanley. Preach, girl, preach.

The mentor moves on to Anthony and with every look he explains to her, Anne’s jaw keeps dropping. She does tell him that he needs to take one minute to meditate and edit, edit, edit — the Project Runway golden rule.

The designers and their helpers are hard at work and everything seems to be going along well. Since they have to do an extra look, the designers get to visit Mood one more time. Anthony opts for a black velvet fabric, Stanley finds a fabulous pink fabric for a skirt, and Fabio ends up getting a vibrant yellow flowy fabric. Their minds are so powerful, it fascinates me.

It’s all seemingly going well until Candice realizes that Anthony only has three shells finished and Amanda and Stanley are close to having all seven shells of their designs completed. The issue is that Anthony is demanding extraneous amounts of detail and with the time the designers have to complete their collections, that’s not always possible.

Anthony starts to put pressure on Candice and it’s not cute, but you gotta do what you gotta do when you want to win, right? Project Runway is the name of the game, baby.

The mini collections start to come together and I can see the designer’s visions and I literally love it. Seeing the designs come to life is what I love about this show. These three designers are so fierce, talented, and powerful, and I am ready to see the collections. I am a little worried about my beloved Anthony; he seems to be a little behind schedule and it’s making my blood pressure rise. I don’t want him to be hurt. (Recap continues on next page)

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