The rising fame of Danny Dyer's kids' – and it's not just his daughter Dani

Danny Dyer's kids have taken social media by storm as fans can't get enough of them – and their dad's hilarious quips.

The EastEnders star has been sharing snaps of the cheeky youngsters at home in Debden, Essex, where he lives with wife Jo Mas.

Showing off the perfect father-daughter photo, Danny playing said: "[Sunni] is usually a t**t before bed but she's behaving tonight. Nut down for a pair of us. #schoolnight."

In another post, Danny shows his son Artie in a toy store with a pack of dinosaur figures.

He joked: "Just took the boy to SMYTHS in Loughton. All he wanted was 9 quids worth of dinosuars.' #touch."

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Viewers first got to know Danny's family last year when he took part in the Channel 4 show Parenting For Idiots.

During this show fans got to see a softer side to the cockney actor, who admitted: "I couldn't wait to have a boy, because as much as you know I love my girls with all my heart, I was sick of trying to put a bikini on a Barbie. Honestly, it's graft, mate."

He also joked that he hates helping Sunnie with her homework because it's so hard.

Danny said: "She comes home with this homework, it is f***ing ridiculous. I cannot get my nut round it. I can't do it. I mean, she had homework once.

It was like, 'Name seven magnets.' I was like well, fridge magnet. Er…'

"I defy anyone on this planet to give me seven magnets."

And of course he's been keen to praise his daughter Dani for finding fame on the ITV2 reality show.

The dad-of-three has been openly supportive of his first born being on the show – despite having fears about her signing up at first.

In the past he has tweeted: "Me and the Wife have come to accept the fact that we was put on the planet to reproduce Love Islanders…..b*****ks…oh well…embrace it….good luck in 2028 Sunnie… #doubledoubleproud #TeamDani."

He's even admitted liking Dani's new boyfriend Jack Fincham – and joked he was heading to the villa to meet his "future son in law".

He said: "I’ve only gone and made the shortlist for the TV choice awards.

"If you fancy it whack a vote my way…..right…I’m off to the villa…to sign my future son in laws canvas….lovely."

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