S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt says plastic surgery led to crippling anxiety and memory loss

Hannah Spearritt has opened up about her regret after undergoing plastic surgery.

The S Club 7 star appeared on This Morning to discuss her breast enlargement surgery several years ago, back in 2013, and how it caused numerous medical problems for her that went undiagnosed.

“In a way, I was happy with the results, but then after six months things started to deteriorate,” she recalled. “It started with anxiety… but then other things started to happen, like depression.

“The anxiety was crippling. It would be ridiculous panic attacks where I would look at a pile of clothes that weren’t folded and have a breakdown, which is the total opposite of what I usually am like.

“I had hair loss, fatigue, memory loss. Brain fog. There was a list of symptoms that kind of goes on and on which I won’t bore you with. I went for pretty much every test to figure out what was wrong with me. Every test came back negative.”

The singer and actress said that she was told that she was “crazy” and was put on medication.

Eventually, a specialist in America said that her symptoms were caused by her breast implants, and so she got them taken out.

“My energy came back in bucketloads,” she said. “I had low-grade fever throughout the time I had the implants in. It was the journey of detoxification and getting the immune system back and healthy.

“I promised myself I would make one story just to get it out there and talk about potentially what can happen [with plastic surgery].

“It affects different women in different ways. But honestly, it’s something to be aware of and it can really impact your immune system.”

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