Sam Thompson reveals he's going to quit TV after it made him 'ill' and 'stressed'

The reality star says he wants to take time out after “two years of madness” having also recently starred in Celebrity Big Brother and Celebs Go Dating.

He revealed the intense nature of being in front of a camera took its toll on his body.

Speaking to Johnny Seifert Showbiz reporter at talkRadio, Sam, 25, said: “I want to relax for a little bit. It's been two years of just madness. I have done so much.

“And I haven't really given myself time to chill. And it has had a bit of an effect on my body.

“I've been getting a bit ill recently, I'm stressed quite a lot in terms of I haven't stopped, so I'll probably settle down and have a little game.”

Last summer he went into the Celebrity Big Brother house after filming in Ibiza for Made In Chelsea.

He took a break from TV after exiting the Channel 5 show, citing his split from Chelsea co-star Tiffany Watson as the reason, before returning to the E4 series that made him famous.

Sam then balanced Celebs Go Dating and the latest series of MIC at the start of the year.

Last night’s finale shocked fans when Sam and Sophie Habboo starred in a shower sex scene.

Despite Sam’s admission he insists he’ll return to the E4 show when filming stars for the next series.

Asked if he’d return, he said: “Yes, 100 per cent.

“Made In Chelsea is my bread and butter and I love it to bits but other than that I would quite like to relax.”

Sam has previously spoken about his mental health and told how reality TV helped him.

Last November, he said: "It's always the most energetic people that have the most inner problems, I would say, for lack of a better word.

"I'm super energetic. I try to be as happy as possible, but when you go so up, you're always gonna have a greater down. You can't keep up that level of energy forever."

"I get in my own head a lot. My worst enemy is my head and you can get trapped in your own thoughts, so it's good to talk to people about that sort of thing.

"I used to suffer from it really bad when I didn't know what it was, but it's actually got a lot better."

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