Saturday Kitchen host Michel Roux Jr’s finger sparks concern

On today’s episode, the MasterChef star hosted the hit BBC One cooking show and was joined by guest Fearne Cotton.

The 57-year-old chef took to the kitchen himself to rustle up a tasty heritage carrot dish.

However, before Michel got down to cooking the meal, he left viewers rather distracted.

The TV cooking star sparked concern among baffled show watchers with his finger.

Saturday Kitchen: Michel Roux Jr hosted the cooking show today [BBC]
Saturday Kitchen: Michel Roux Jr was joined by Fearne Cotton [BBC]

Michel leaned on the side of the wooden counter with his hand, however, it looked as though his finger was bent in a rather unusual way.

Taking to Twitter, one concerned show watcher commented: “WTF is up with @michelrouxjr’s finger? #SaturdayKitchen.”

While many other fans interacted with the tweet, clearly sharing the same thoughts.

However, although causing concern, it’s likely it was just an unusual camera angle.

Saturday Kitchen: Michel Roux Jr’s finger sparked concern among viewers [BBC]
Saturday Kitchen: Michel Roux Jr wore a ‘don’t feed the hipsters’ t-shirt [BBC]

Also on today’s show, Michel caused an online frenzy with his “don’t feed the hipsters” t-shirt.

The chef wore a khaki green t-shirt with a white bear silhouette drinking a beer.

But it was the caption inside that caught show watcher’s attention, within the outline of the bear, it read “don’t feed the hipsters”.

Show watchers couldn’t get over the item of clothing and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Saturday Kitchen: Michel Roux Jr ‘s t-shirt caused an online frenzy [BBC]

One person said: “@michelrouxjr I need that t shirt in my life  #SaturdayKitchen” while another user added: “@SaturdayKitchen absolutely love that t-shirt @michelrouxjr #hipster.”

You can find a similar t-shirt to Michel’s, here, while Saturday Kitchen continues on BBC One.


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