Secret hacks Love Island girls use to keep their makeup on in the heat, from blow-drying lashes to wetting bronzer brushes

While us mere mortals may battle with our holiday make-up melting off our faces in the heat, the villa hotties have a special trick for looking shine-free and keeping their products on all night.

Thankfully the trick is very simple and can be achieved using a few products that you probably have in your cosmetics bag.

The Islanders use the “baking” technique to keep their skin products staying in tact all night.

They apply powder with a damp sponge after foundation, wait five minutes and then dust it off and this gives the make-up “industrial strength”.

The handy holiday hack was discovered by The Times, when a writer underwent a Love Island beauty transformation.

It’s not the only beauty hack that the Love Islanders do to look on point at all times.

They also add a brushful of brown powder to their outer nostrils to “pinch” the whole nose, and conceal around their brows to create the ultimate “power brow”.

Meanwhile Dani Dyer has a bizarre eyelash beauty hack.

Using a £300 Dyson hairdryer to blow dry her eyelashes, the daughter of Eastenders star Danny Dyer also combs them through with what some referred to as a "tooth brush" while casually chatting to her other co-stars.

So, what's the real reason Dani has taken to blow drying her lashes?

The Love Island star has eyelash extensions and it's all part of the aftercare process to make them last longer – and with eight weeks in the villa, this is completely necessary.

You're advised not to get your false lashes completely soaking wet, so being in that dreamy pool may take a toll on her long lashes.

Hence why a quick blow dry on a low heat setting (and a comb through with a brow brush to stop them sticking together) can keep them curled and looking their best.

Meanwhile, Love Island tanner reveals how to achieve the perfect bronze glow – and the products she swears by.

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