See the moment Charlotte Crosby breaks down and rages at boyfriend Stephen Bear as he reveals the tattoo he designed for her on Just Tattoo Of Us

It was first reported back in March that Charlotte and Bear had the mother of all rows after the tattoo that Stephen Bear designed for her was revealed.

The first official promo trailer for the series showed Charlotte losing her rag at Bear after he had designed a half Bear, half Cheetah tattoo alluding to her allegedly having cheated on ex boyfriend Ash Harrison with him.

Pictures show the moment Charlotte looked at her new inking and the initial horror of what Bear had done.

What then came was chaos as Charlotte well and truly kicked off at her beau and the shocked cast and crew looked on.

Just Tattoo Of Us: The moment Charlotte Crosby discovers Stephen Bear’s handiwork [Wenn]
Just Tattoo Of Us: Charlotte can be seen breaking down in tears in a dramatic new trailer for the show [MTV]

The former Celebrity Big Brother star can be seen staring up at the ceiling as her eyes glaze over with tears.

Bear then asks her: “Do you like it?”

Charlotte snaps at this comment, lunging to pick up a bin before running at Bear with it.

Raging, Charlotte can be heard screaming “stupid” again and again at her beau.

The show’s tattoo artists look on awkwardly as Charlotte continues to seethe at Bear.

As the trailer ends, Beak jokes to the cameras: “I’ve done it again…I’ve got to call my agent.”

Just Tattoo Of Us: Stephen Bear designed a half Bear, half cheetah tattoo for girlfriend Charlotte Crosby [Wenn]
Just Tattoo Of Us: Bear looks sheepish as his tattoo design for Charlotte is revealed [MTV]

Bear could be referring to his previous dismissal from Celebs Go Dating.

The star was thrown off the show after it was revealed he was dating Charlotte without producer’s knowledge.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Little Mix could join the series.

With the first series coming to an end, Charlotte has turned her attention to the second series.

Just Tattoo Of Us: Charlotte charges at Bear with a bin after seeing the tattoo he picked for her [MTV]
Just Tattoo Of Us: Charlotte looks fuming as she rages at boyfriend Bear [MTV]

The 27 year old told The Sun Online: “It would be my absolute dream to have Little Mix on the show.

“I think they’d be nice to each other,

“They’d probably come up with some really pretty designs.”

The reality star added: “Jade and Perrie are both from South Shields,

Just Tattoo Of Us: Charlotte Crosby breaks down in tears following the row with Stephen Bear [MTV]
Charlotte Crosby is keen to sign up Little mix for the show [Wenn]

“So I reckon I’d be able to win them over!”

Just Tattoo Of Us continues Mondays at 10pm on MTV.


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