The 'Southern Charm' Plot Thickens Is The Harassment Case

In the new harassment case, Ravenel hired a criminal defense lawyer, but hired his girlfriend an immigration lawyer

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel and his girlfriend have both hired their own lawyers after being served by the new law firm representing Los Angeles lawyer Luzanne Otte who accuses the two of a pattern of harassment. Ravenel had previously been represented by one of his polo friends who practices family law in Connecticut.

But FitsNews says that now that Ravenel and his girlfriend have been served documents from the law firm of prominent attorney L. Lin Wood, he decided to hire an attorney appropriate to his situation. The former politician has hired a criminal defense attorney, Cameron Blazer, to represent him in this matter (and perhaps in the matter of the rape accusations).

Ravenel’s new lawyer suggests in her website description that she has experience as a computer programmer, which will come in handy with the accusations of cyber-stalking.

“I always knew I’d be a lawyer, but I am so glad that I spent some time after college and before law school working in other areas. I put the personal and professional development I gained in those experiences to fight for my clients every day. My legal arguments are stronger because I used to be a computer programmer and more creative because I worked as a chef.”

Ravenel’s girlfriend, on the other hand, has hired an immigration lawyer, Bradley Banias, to represent her in this matter. It’s unclear what role an immigration lawyer would play in this matter, or the accusations being leveled by Otte’s legal team.

FitsNews reported that neither Blazer nor Banias responded to requests for comments on the matter. They also reported that sources close to Ravenel have said that he wants to put this civil matter behind him, and “seemed willing to throw (Jacobs) under the bus” if necessary.

Luzanne Otte, an expert in Canon law, has tried to put this matter to rest several times in the past, only to be referred to by mocking incarnations of her name, and threatening calls to her employer, the Roman Catholic Church, in an effort to threaten her employment. Wood Law partner G. Taylor Wilson said that Ms. Otte hired their firm as a last resort when the harassment that started in January wouldn’t stop.

“Luzanne Otte has been subjected to a seemingly endless smear campaign that lacks even a kernel of truth. For months, Ms. Otte has waited patiently for her accusers to let her continue to live a private life free of false public shaming. They haven’t. There comes a time when enough is enough, and that time is now. Ms. Otte has been forced to retain counsel to defend herself and has demanded that the false accusations against her cease. Any further false accusations will be met with litigation.”

Ravenel and his girlfriend have accused Ms. Otte of stalking them and assuming fake personas on social media, which is ironically what Otte is accusing them of doing.

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