SPOILER ALERT – Does EastEnder's Sonia seduce Martin?

Not that she’s got a clear playing field, however. Since Stacey and Martin’s grief-fuelled passion over the demise of Kat, Stacey’s thoughts have also been turning to Martin.

When he jumps in to defend her honour from a bunch of lads at E20’s Bank Holiday party, Stace goes in for another snog.

But it’s Sonia who gets to play nurse tending to Martin’s bruises – something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Bex.

When she points it out to her mum, Sonia is just a little too hasty denying there’s anything untoward going on, and later she gives him a kiss when he’s snoozing on her lap.

Bex decides it’s time her mum had a makeover, then suggests that she take Martin with her to a surprise birthday party for Kathy.

When Stacey also shows up, the penny finally drops that both Sonia and Stacey are after the same
thing – Martin.

Who will he choose?

Max and Rainie's scam

Max will do anything to get custody of granddaughter Abi, including pretending to marry his former sister-in-law Rainie.

Handing over baby Abi to the relative who’s essentially to blame for the death of two of his children isn’t ideal, but we quite like the idea of Max and Rainie as a couple.

They’re both as untrustworthy and damaged as each other.

But things become complicated when Max sets Rainie to work in the car lot and she takes a shine to Robbie.

With a meeting with the social worker imminent, will the ‘perfect couple’ charade fall apart?

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