Three Girls: Viewers left FUMING over defence lawyer’s cross-examination of Holly Winshaw during Rochdale child abuse trial – ‘The line of questioning by the barristers is disgusting, how dare they!’

The BBC drama depicting the 2012 Rochdale child abuse scandal came to a shocking conclusion on Thursday night.

Over the past couple of days viewers have watched as the story of the three girls in the title was depicted on screen, highlighting the horrific abuse they went through.

After Holly finally went to the police over her ordeal, the girls case was investigated by the police.

However, their case was soon thrown out after the CPS declared that there was an “unrealistic prospect of conviction.”

Three Girls: Viewers were NOT happy with the way Holly Winshaw was treated by defence lawyers in court [BBC]

But the investigation was then reopened some time later and nine of the men that subjected Holly, Ruby and Amber too the abuse was brought to trial.

As Holly was cross-examined by the men’s defence lawyers, viewers were left fuming at how she was treated.

The now 19 year old was accused of lying, while the defence questioned her lifestyle and insinuated that she made a mistake.

Watching at home, viewers were left incensed at the barristers, questioning how they could possibly defend the pedophiles.

“The line of questioning by the barristers is disgusting, how dare they !! System and its failings is a disgrace … #threegirls,” raged one person.

While another fumed: “These defence lawyers are relentless. Omg. Fuming. #threegirls.”

Three Girls: The men’s defence lawyers subjected the victim to a harsh line of questioning [BBC]

A third said: “Baffling that the court can defend such individuals; knowing they’re guilty, even when the evidence is right in front of them.”

A fourth fumed: “The barrister’s line of questioning is disgusting. No wonder people are so reluctant to go to the police #threegirls.”

“Regardless of what these lawyers are trying to prove or disprove, these men abused CHILDREN. Why is that not the main focus? #ThreeGirls,” questioned a fifth.

“The fact that there were barristers who were happy to defend these monsters is sickening #threegirls,” said a sixth.

Three Girls: Holly Winshaw’s character was questioned while it was insinuated that she was lying [BBC]

Another account tweeted: “#threegirls for f**k sake these were kids I’m angry the thought the way they were treated during trial shame on them defending Peodos.”

With another adding: “#ThreeGirls  these lawyers are awful it’s heartbreaking to watch.”

Viewers anger comes after they were previously left shocked at the fact that Amber was questioned by only male officers when the crimes were first reported.

After Holly reported her abuse to the police, her pal Amber was arrested for procuring girls for prostitution.

Three Girls: People watching at home were uncomfortable with the amount of men questioning the 15 year old [BBC]

The teen was taken to the police station where she was interviewed by officers over her part in the the crime.

But viewers couldn’t help but notice that the 15 year old was only being spoken to by male officers, and that there was not any female officers in sight despite the sensitivity of the case.

Taking to Twitter, viewers slammed the situation with many fuming over the issue.

“Right 3 minutes in and already livid why are all these underage girls being interviewed by male officers! Not a female in sight! #threegirls,” raged one viewer.

Three Girls: Viewers of the show were not happy about Amber’s situation [BBC]

While another fumed: “Three minutes in & I’m already angry. Where’s the female police officers?? #threegirls.”

With a third saying: “Again no female officer is in there with her.. #sowrong #ThreeGirls.”


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