Tina Malone defends plans for baby at 54 years old with partner Paul on Loose Women, as panellists encourage her not to choose sex of unborn baby

Loose Women: Tina Malone hit back at people saying she shouldn’t have a baby at 54 [ITV]

The Shameless actress, who is already mother to two daughters, blasted critics who might label her “selfish” for her choice – but confirmed she WILL want to choose the sex of her next child in a recent interview.

Tina gave birth to daughter Flame, now three, whom she shares with her husband Paul Chase, at 50 years old, so he was naturally concerned for the health implications.

On Tuesday, Tina returned to Loose Women to claim she didn’t care what people said about her decision to have another child.

Tina plans to go to Cyprus where she and Paul have some embryos stored, with a Tina wanting a surrogate mother to carry the child.

Loose Women: Tina Malone has discussed her decision to have another baby at 54 years old [ITV]
Tina Malone and partner Paul Chase welcomed a daughter when Tina was 50 [Getty]

The former Shameless star suffered health complications when she gave birth to daughter Flame, and she and Paul decided having a surrogate mother would be safer.

Tina also revealed she wanted a baby boy, so planned to choose the baby’s gender – but will she go ahead with this?

Speaking on Loose Women, she and Paul ignored the haters and defended their reasons for wanting another child.

Tina revealed her true intentions for having another baby, and hit out at claims she was too old to look after a young child.

Loose Women: Tina Malone and partner Paul want to have another child [ITV]

She told the panelists: “We originally went over there to destroy the embryos to make [space for other women].

But the star couldn’t bring herself to destroy the embryos, made up of Paul’s sperm and eggs from female donors, saying: “I didn’t want to, my heart was breaking. I kept putting off.”

Jane confessed that at a similar age to Tina, she couldn’t imagine wanting another baby but Tina said she would have three more children if she could.

She explained: “I don’t want him left with one child. If he has two it would be wonderful.”

Loose Women: Tina Malone’s partner Paul asked her not to choose the sex of their unborn child [ITV]

Tina wants to have a sibling for her young daughter, but agreed that she wouldn’t choose the sex of the baby and would “leave it to the lap of the Gods”.

She wasn’t so sure at first, but partner Paul said he had come to the decision that it was the right thing to do.

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