Tom Ellis appears on Newsnight to #SaveLucifer and says Netflix or Amazon is "obvious" choice for show

US networks have been bringing down the axe on a whole host of series over the past few weeks, but where one door abruptly closes, another one opens.

Such is the case for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was picked up and saved for another season by NBC after Fox’s decision to cancel the sitcom was met with social media outrage.

And now a similar thing may be happening to Tom Ellis’ Lucifer, which was recently dropped after three seasons by Fox.

The show’s lead Tom Ellis – yes, that one from Miranda – has now taken the #SaveLucifer campaign to BBC’s Newsnight after admitting that he was “crushed” by the news.

Speaking to Emily Maitlis about the fans’ impassioned response to Lucifer‘s axe, Tom said that he was “absolutely bowled over” by their support.

“It’s encouraged not only myself, but the people who make the show, to try and find a home for it because it feels such a shame that so many people feel so upset that it’s finished so abruptly.”

Tom also conceded that networks make the decisions to renew or cancel a show because of business – “If a show isn’t doing the right business for a network, then they’ve every right to cancel it,” he said.

Fortunately, it sounds like all hope is not lost for everyone’s favourite incarnation of the devil, as Tom hinted that the power of social media – and of fans – could help resurrect Lucifer.

“We are trying to find a place. I think the obvious place would be something like [Netflix or Amazon],” Ellis added.

“There are other places we can take it, and those are potentially exciting places. Who knows? Watch this space is all I can say.”

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