Towie's Amber Turner and Dan Edgar see relationship expert to help their romance

Amber tells her their ideal scenario would be "in a relationship" but she "doesn't know" if she loves Dan.

The fiery pair have been in an on-off relationship for months but may finally work on what's gone wrong during their impromptu counselling session.

In the exclusive video when asked if she thinks the lothario will commit Amber says: "I don’t know what goes through his head half the time so I wouldn’t even know."

She adds: "I don't know [if I love Dan]"

But despite not understanding her beau or knowing if she loves him the Towie beauty says her ideal scenario is for "us to actually be in a relationship".

During the current series the couple were in a love triangle with newbie Clelia Theodorou after it emerged that Dan has been two timing on Amber with the Devon beauty.

The latest addition to the show was brought on after dating Dan off screen, but he has denied dating both girls at the same time.

Amber has continually been interested in the love rat despite him cheating on her when they were together last year.

However, her date with newbie Dean Ralph prompted Dan to admit he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

It looks like the feisty pair could finally be building trust and Dan may even settle down if they can work through their issues in the session.

Dan told the relationship guru: "Look, obviously, I like Amber a lot and there is something there because we’ve been seeing each other on and off for like over a year now."

The clip is from the next epsiode which will air on ITVBe on Sunday at 9pm.

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