Watch Jason Clarke as Ted Kennedy in this exclusive Chappaquiddick clip

Chappaquiddick is the name of an island — a tiny slip within Martha’s Vineyard — but it’s often also a shorthand term for the incident that occurred in July of 1969. That was the evening Senator Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge and was able to swim free while his passenger, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, died. Kennedy, who — after the deaths of his brothers Jack and Bobby — was considered a natural successor to the White House, waited an unfathomable 10 hours to report the accident to the authorities.

In John Curran’s new film the Australian born Jason Clarke fully transforms into the future lion of the senate, Ted Kennedy. As you can see in the above exclusive clip, there were many complicated forces at work to keep Kennedy out of jail and try to salvage his reputation. “As an outsider you realize just how much work you have to do,” the Australian born actor tells EW. “I knuckled down. It was daunting — everyone has seen Ted Kennedy.”

Chappaquiddick is in theaters April 6


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