Westworld season 1 still has hidden clues fans haven't spotted

The culture of fan theories surrounding Westworld rivals the dedication to far bigger TV and movie franchises.

Fans of the HBO and Sky Atlantic science-fiction drama have gone to great lengths on Reddit to dissect practically every frame of the first season, finding evidence of other parks and even different robots as a result.

But apparently viewers haven’t found every clue or Easter egg yet. Evan Rachel Wood has told Entertainment Weekly that some of the upcoming second season’s biggest developments were foreshadowed in the first run.

“I’m going back to things in the first season,” the Dolores actress said. “That’s what’s so cool about the show, what [showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy] worked so hard on.

“There are things I actually said as Dolores that I had no idea of the significance of until filming this season, and now I’m going, ‘My god, [the writers] were telling us!’… I think even when we’re in season 7, you’ll still be able to go back to the pilot and find clues that were right in front of you.”

Evan hinted as well that fans should start paying attention to every detail in the background, including paintings on the walls of one of the show’s recurring locations.

“Every time I walk on a set, I’m like, ‘What did you guys put in here?'” Wood teased. “The pictures on the walls, the books on the shelves … there’s forethought with everything.”

Co-showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy said last week at South by Southwest that they’re planning to respond to fan theories in a “controversial” way in the second season.

“Part of it stems from other shows,” Nolan revealed. “True Detective had a lot of fan theories that proved to be theories.

“There are lot of theories about Westworld‘s first season that proved to be plot twists. I think for every fan theory, we actually had an episode that dealt with it.

“We’re figuring out how to sort of interact with that in the second season. A somewhat controversial plan that we’re working on; we’ll have an announcement about it in a couple weeks.”

Westworld season two will premiere April 22 and be simulcast in the UK as well as the US.

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