will.i.am annoys The Voice UK fans by being on his phone during the show

will.i.am is well known for faffing about on his phone at every available opportunity but it seems like fans of The Voice UK are pretty sick of it.

It’s one thing when he does it on his own time, but the coach was spotted on his mobile more than once during the actual show.

The Black Eyed Peas man made a point of letting us know just why he’s on his mobile during his actual day job… apparently he’s popping clips up online for us to enjoy.

But that hasn’t stopped fans popping on social media themselves to complain about his antics.

One said: “This is what I want to o every time I see Will on his phone. #PutItDown #TheVoiceUK”

Another added: “Will I Am is that person at a concert that watches the whole thing through their phone #TheVoiceUK”

But will’s not without his fans, of course, who have pointed out that this is hardly something new.

“That was friken awesome #donelmangena @iamwill and you keep on filming on your phone and dont listen to peeps that ain’t got a clue! @thevoiceuk”

“@iamwill haha. Everyone having a go through their phones at Will, 4 being on his phone whilst the acts are performing. #irony #TheVoiceUK”

On tonight’s semi-final, Ruti, Lauren, Donel and Belle Voci earned their place in the live final as eight contestants were whittled down to just four.

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