Accountant caught stealing £2.5million from employer after driving to work in £150,000 Ferrari

A JUNIOR accountant who stole £2.5million from his bosses at a car dealership was rumbled when he turned up to work in this £150,000 Ferrari.

Allan Curry, 24, enjoyed a “life of Riley”, spending £1million on four homes, a court heard yesterday.

His £600,000 car fleet including the Ferrari 430 Spider, a £250,000 Lamborghini, £100,000 BMW M6 Coupe, a Range Rover Sport and top-end Jag.

Curry blew £140,000 on personalised plates, and took luxury holidays.

He put £136,000 into a betting account and explained his wealth by telling relatives he was winning big.

Teesside crown court heard the scam started in 2014 as he struggled with payday loans.

He faked invoices for cars moved between Evans Halshaw Vauxhall showrooms then diver­ted cash to ten bank accounts.

Colleagues grew suspicious and checked accounts before his arrest in November 2016.

He later told cops: “My family has always worked hard but never had enough to make ends meet.

"I felt a buzz and excitement that I could help them out. It became an addiction.”

Curry of Seaham, Co Durham, was jailed for six years after admitting fraud and money laundering.

Prosecutor Ian West said: “It started with a small sum then snowballed. The investigation revealed 140 transactions totaling £2,472,000.”

Evans Halshaw has clawed back some of the cash.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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