Airline pilot accused of killing his estranged wife ‘with a saucepan’

Airline pilot who ‘killed his estranged wife in a row over their marital home hit her so hard with a saucepan it was left dented and covered in blood’

  • Andrew McIntosh, 54, is accused of murdering his estranged wife Patricia
  • The 56-year-old was found dead at the couple’s home in Warwickshire in 2017
  • Airline pilot Mr McIntosh used a saucepan to batter her to death, a court was told

An airline pilot who killed his estranged wife in a row over their marital home hit her so hard with a saucepan of peas it was left dented and covered in blood, a court heard.

Andrew McIntosh, 54, is accused of murdering mum-of-one Patricia, 56, as they rowed over their property which was on the market for £520,000.

A court heard he picked up a pan of peas and battered her in the kitchen of the property in Knightcote, Warwickshire.

He is also accused of kicking and stamping on her as she lay on the kitchen floor before returning the saucepan to the stove and fleeing.

Airline pilot, 54, denies murdering his estranged nail technician wife, 56, after she was found with fatal head injuries in their village home in Warwickshire

Patricia McIntosh, 56, was found dead by police in Warwickshire last year. She had suffered fatal head injuries at her home in the hamlet of Knightcote

Warwick Crown Court heard the £100,000-a-year TUI pilot killed Patricia after flying into a rage after confronting her at the country home on November 15 last year.

The jury were shown the badly dented medium-sized saucepan which the prosecution say was the murder weapon.

Prosecutor Peter Grieves-Smith said police were alerted by McIntosh’s best friend Robert Gray after he sent him a text saying: ‘Please mate, forgive me, I’ve done the unthinkable.’

He then sent a message to Mr Gray’s partner Suzie Groves telling her: ‘I’ve just murdered Trish in a rage and am just waiting for the police to arrive..’

In a statement, Ms Groves said she had known McIntosh for about 30 years through Mr Gray, and the two men were best friends and ‘lately they would speak on the phone daily.’

Patricia McIntosh was killed at her £520,000 home in November 2017

Ms Groves, who lives with Mr Gray in Suffolk, said: ‘I know he has been struggling lately with depression through going through divorce proceedings with his second wife Trish.

‘On that day he and Robert began exchanging text messages, and Robert became alarmed.

‘Andy would not answer the telephone when Robert tried to call him. This was even more concerning because Andy had recently threatened to commit suicide.’

Following the texts about the killing, Mr Gray contacted police who went to the McIntosh’s property.

When officers arrived they found that McIntosh had pulled down the kitchen blind but they could see Patricia’s body lying on the floor.

They said there was ‘a lot of blood,’ with ‘significant pooling of blood on the floor around her head,’ splatters on the kitchen cupboards, walls, and the ceiling.

Patricia’s face was also covered in blood, and her hair was matted and thick with blood.

The jury were handed the black saucepan inside a plastic exhibits bag.

Floral tributes left at ‘Grass Yard’ in the village of Knightcote in Warwickshire where former pilot Andrew McIntosh is accused of attacking his estranged wife Patricia

Andrew McIntosh was a TUI pilot earning £100,000 per-year until he was accused of the murder of his mother-of-one  estranged wife in their village home

Mr Grieves-Smith said the dented and ‘misshapen’ saucepan was bloodstained, with some of Patricia’s hair stuck to it in the blood.

Earlier in the trial, the court heard McIntosh flipped after he tried to persuade his estranged wife to lower the asking price on their former marital home but she refused.

Mr Grieves-Smith said there had been ‘little or no interest’ in the property, put on the market for £520,000 in June last year.

McIntosh admits manslaughter claiming diminished responsibility but denies murder. 




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