Angela Merkel broke promise to Theresa May to sack EU aide nicknamed ’Darth Vader’

ANGELA MERKEL broke a promise to Theresa May to get Jean-Claude Juncker’s sinister aide Martin Selmayr sacked after he leaked details of a private No10 dinner, The Sun can reveal.

The German Chancellor said she would try dislodge the powerful EU adviser following a disastrous Downing Street dinner in April — the details of which were plastered across the German press in blow by blow detail.

 Angela Merkel promised Theresa May she would try to get a top EU aide sacked

Mr Selmayr is a ruthless Eurofanatic German-born lawyer, nicknamed Darth Vader, who David Cameron’s aides also accused of trying to sabotage his doomed EU renegotiation.

Known as “Juncker’s Monster” and “Rasputin”, Mr Selmayr is loathed and respected in equal measure in Brussels as one of the most powerful Eurocrats ever.

The shadowy adviser orchestrated Jean-Claude Juncker’s take over of the EU Commission in 2014 and was retained as his enforcer.

Explaining his role he once claimed: “Juncker is the good guy and I’m the bad guy. That’s how it is.”

 Martin Selmayr, right, is the most powerful aide to Jean-Claude Juncker

He is a member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party and has close links to the German Chancellor’s team — however Mrs Merkel is said to “loath” him.

A source told The Sun Mrs Merkel told Mrs May she would call for Mr Selmayr’s head for the leak, but she never came good on the promise.

Mr Selmayr was widely blamed for leaking gory details of the heated private dinner at No10 in April, when Mr Juncker reportedly said he left “10 times more sceptical” about Brexit than when he arrived.

The leak led to an angry response from Mrs May on the steps of Downing Street in which she warned that “there are some in Brussels who do not want these talks to succeed”.

 Mrs May and Mr Juncker had dinner in Brussels earlier this week

On Monday Mrs May came face to face with Jean Claude Juncker and his controversial right hand man at a repeat dinner in Brussels.

Asked whether Mrs May had demanded assurances that there would be no repeat of the leak after Monday’s dinner, No10 said the PM “has had a number of constructive conversations with Jean-Claude Juncker".

Mr Juncker declined to comment on his expectations for the dinner, but suggested that details of their discussions would be revealed in a “post mortem” after it has concluded.


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