Army ’gender general’ upset as Royal Marines fail to attend gay rights event

THE Army’s “gender general” is up in arms after the Royal Marines failed to send anyone to this year’s Pride festival.

Major General Sir Patrick Sanders has questioned why the corps was not represented in the military’s contingent at the gay rights event.

 Major General Sir Patrick Sanders queries the lack of Royal Marine involvement

The married general was appointed last year as the “champion“ for LGBT issues across the Army, with the aim of making the military a more inclusive employer.

More than 200 troops from all services and regiments were at July’s march in London — but no Marines.

Writing in the corp’s mag Globe and Laurel, high-ranking Marine Lt Col Aldeiy Alderson told how the General quizzed him over a meal.

He said: “When I weaselled in to sit with Commander Field Army for scran (food) he asked me why there were no bootnecks (Marines) on the Pride Parade.”

 Troops march through London for a Pride event

Lt Col Alderson responded: “I don’t know — should I go next year?”

And he urged his fellow Marines to join him and asked: “Anyone else in?”

Encouraging the Marines to be more inclusive, he added: “Some bootnecks are gay — get over it.”

And Maj Gen Sanders has previously said: “Under fire no one cares if someone is black, white, gay or straight.”

 A flag flies at the 2017 London Pride event

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