Baby falls to her death after mother ‘taking selfies’ drops her

Horrifying moment mother ‘taking selfies’ on a shopping centre escalator drops her 10-month-old baby girl who falls three storeys to her death

  • The parents went to the mall in Ganganagar, India after visiting the doctor 
  • In the video footage, the baby can be seen slipping out of the mother’s arms 
  • Witnesses claim the incident occurred when her husband asked for a selfie 

A 10-month-old girl has died after she slipped out of her mother’s arms on mall escalator, while it is claimed she was taking a selfie with her husband.

The CCTV footage starts with the couple taking a selfie outside a shop by the escalator, then walking away before returning to travel to the floor above.

They step on to the escalator at the shopping centre, in India, with the mother holding her baby in her arms.

At the beginning of the video, the husband can be seen taking a selfie with the woman and their baby 

The couple then begin riding the escalator. Witnesses say at that point, the man asked his wife for a selfie

The footage shows the baby slip out of the woman’s hands and over the handrail 

According to shoppers who saw the incident, the husband asked his wife for a selfie while on the escalator, which resulted her losing her balance and dropping her child.

The footage shows the baby first hit the railing before falling down the gap between it and the escalator at the shopping centre in Ganganagar, Rajasthan.

Panicked shoppers can be seen rushing to try to help the baby but the infant died instantly after hitting the ground.

The baby was then rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The woman turns desperately to see what has happened but the child fell three storeys 

Panicked shoppers tried to help the child but she died at the scene 

Police were called and have begun an investigation.

‘This is a clear-cut case of an accident,’ said a spokesman.

‘The family of the deceased baby has refused to take any legal action as it was an accident.’ 

The parents of the baby girl had come for a regular checkup at a nearby clinic, after which they decided to visit the centre to shop.

In a similar incident a few days ago a baby slipped off from mother’s arms from the second floor and died in Mumbai.


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