The ball is now in the EU’s court after Theresa May’s game-changing Brexit speech

It's over to EU

It was detailed, practical and logical and managed to unite both sensible Leavers and Remainers. It is a realistic, thoughtful roadmap to a Brexit that would benefit Britain and the EU.

It was also a challenge to Brussels. No longer can they complain we have no solutions to the problems Brexit poses, such as the Irish border question. No longer can they mock our Government and 17.4million Leavers as delusional.

If they do come back with their usual obstinacy and arrogance we will know there is little point in persevering. Mrs May promised we WERE seriously ­preparing to leave with no deal as a last resort. The Sun sees little proof of it.

It is imperative, and urgent, for Brussels to see we have a fallback plan.

We are delighted the PM was not swayed by Remainers to buckle over leaving the single market, customs union and ECJ jurisdiction. We still fear being aligned too closely with EU rules that could hamper our new trade deals.

That aside, Mrs May was dead right to rubbish Brussels’ claim that a bespoke deal — yes, with “cherry-picking” — was impossible. They have made them before.

Her unshakeable commitment to avoid a hard border in Ireland, and ideas how to do so, were welcome too.

Compare that to Jeremy Corbyn’s tedious ramble on Monday about wicked bosses and letter boxes, and his abject surrender over a customs union.

The ball is now in the EU’s court. It has been clinging to the hope, stoked by Remain ultras, that Brexit in full would never happen. It must now grasp its inevitability — and make a deal to benefit both its citizens and ours.
The world, as Mrs May says, is watching.

Labour creep

SHADOW Chancellor John McDonnell is a sinister, dangerous individual who ­glorifies terrorist murderers.

We knew he wanted IRA bombers “honoured”. We now know he keeps his own tribute to a Provo who murdered two cops and a Para.

The only “peace” he sought in Northern Ireland was via an IRA victory, achieved by slaughtering innocent people.

Labour voters thinking of handing power to this appalling man should be ashamed.

Kick out bigots

DOZENS of professional footballers are said to be gay. Not one feels able to come out because of bigotry still rife in the game.

It is depressing to learn of Premier League stars bullying team-mates over false rumours about their sexuality.

Clubs should kick out homophobic players. Attitudes have changed radically in the past 30 years — and other sports long ago embraced gay athletes.

It is way past time football caught up.

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