Bizarre blue ’splash crossing’ costing £21k confusing drivers at Coventry train station

A WACKY paint job on a pedestrian crossing in Coventry is sending drivers into a spin.

Council bosses splashed out a staggering £21,000 for the blue zig-zag crossing in a bid to raise "safety awareness".

 Coventry council splashed out £21,000 for the dizzying design

But the dizzying design outside the city's railway station is causing much confusion, with both drivers and pedestrians warning: "An accident is imminent."

One motorist said: "What a waste of taxpayers' money. The council claim it's to raise safety awareness – but all they've done is confused the hell out of everyone. Never mind a 'crossing' – it's making everyone go cross-eyed. "

Another driver added: "No one knows whose right of way it is anymore – it's a nightmare. Not only that, just looking at those zig-zags makes you go dizzy. There's bound to be an accident soon."

Coventry City Council says it has installed the patterns in a bid to “encourage drivers and pedestrians to be aware of each other”.

 The blue 'safety' crossing has confused drivers and pedestrians
 The bizarre pattern is a 'waste of taxpayers' money', claim drivers
 Pedestrians and drivers are confused over 'right of way' at the new splash crossing
 Pedestrians try to cross as a taxi drives on through
 The blue zig-zags may be eye-catching - but they're making some drivers go "cross-eyed"
 Aerial view of Station square, Coventry

The new "flash crossing" is made out of the same materials as traditional zebra crossings and has a life span of about five years.

Council bosses say they hope the crossings will create a “memorable impression” for visitors.

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