Blundering ASOS prints 17,000 bags with an embarrassing typo — can you spot it?

The internet-only retailer owned up to the error on Twitter — and even joked the packaging would now be a "limited edition".

Fans said they were desperate to get their hands on the bags and some predicted they would fetch a small fortune on eBay.

Asos tweeted this morning: "Ok, so we *may* have printed 17,000 bags with a typo. We’re calling it a limited edition."

The clear bags are branded in large black letters with the slogan: "Discover fashion onilne".

Asos fan Chelsea Evans tweeted: "This makes me love you guys more and now I want one of those bags."

Fashion blogger Nirina Plunkett said: "Now I really wanna complete my order just to get my hands on one of these!"

Melissa Brooker said: "Watch ebay go mad with people selling them for £1000's."

And Melissa Conway said: "Oh, I hope when my order comes tomorrow I'm one of the lucky winners of these."

Some fans admitted they struggled to notice the typo on the bag.

Elle May Coleman tweeted: "I know I’m a little thick in more than one way but what is the typo? I'm trying really hard."

Lucy Howarth said: "That took me way longer than it should have."

The retailer was also praised for owning up to the mistake and for not junking the bags.

One Twitter user said: "Better a limited edition than throwing it away!"

Asos said it uses 40million plastic mailing bags and five million cardboard boxes every year and they are all recyclable.

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