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‘Borat’ fans busted for wearing mankinis in Kazakhstan

Is not nice!

Six cheeky tourists in Kazakhstan were arrested for dressing up as the character Borat — wearing only “mankinis” while posing for photos in public.

Cops in the town of Astana on Friday busted the Czech visitors donning Sacha Baron Cohen character’s iconic swimsuit — a Speedo stretched over the wearer’s shoulders and wedged firmly between his butt-cheeks — and charged them with “minor hooliganism,”the BBC reports.

Photos show the pranksters posing in front of a snow-covered sign reading “I [heart] Astana.” The weather in the city that day was 28 degrees.

The men were fined $67 each, according to the BBC.

Baron Cohen’s controversial 2006 comedy “Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” was initially banned in the titular country — but the government later praised it for boosting tourism.


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