A DARING tot relaxes with a slithery new pal at his grandparent’s bizarre animal sanctuary in western India.

Dr Prakash Amte and his wife, Dr Mandakini Amte, set up Animal Ark in their own home to educate tribal families about local wildlife.

 Prakash Amte's granddaughter is happy to play the snakes in the sanctuary

They now share their house in Hemalkasa, Maharashtra, with over 100 animals, including snakes, crocodiles, hyenas and leopards.

The couple started the project after discovering a group of locals about to eat an orphaned monkey because they were short of food.

Prakash said: “We offered them rice and vegetables and exchanged it with a monkey. This was our first bargain.”

Incredibly, the Amtes have never been attacked by the beasts in over two decades growing the centre. Prakash said: “Animals became family to us. I call them my family members and the number started increasing until it reached a hundred.”

 Doctor's Prakash Amte houses over a 100 dangerous species including crocodiles
 Prakash Amte opened the sanctuary to teach his neighbours about local wildlife
 The sanctuary is called Amte's Animal Ark
 Dr Prakash Amte vows that the animals he has rescued are not dangerous
 The grandkids love getting involved with the animals, such as this mottled wood owl
 Prakash says his animals are 'family'
 Prakash thought he needed to educate his town after he caught one animal trying to eat a monkey
 Dr Prakash would happily let his grandchildren about his loved leopard
 Dr Prakash Amte and his wife Dr Mandakini Amte devoted his life to this sanctuary
 Dr Prakash Amte hopes to expand his sanctuary by breeding animals
Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4725929/brave-toddler-poses-for-a-snap-with-a-snake-at-her-grandparents-animal-sanctuary-which-houses-over-100-dangerous-creatures-including-leopards/

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