Brewery agrees to pay $975K fine for bootlegging

The beer company behind such high-selling suds as Samuel Adams has agreed to pay a $975,000 fine for bootlegging 1.4 million cases in New York state, officials said.

American Craft Brewery — a subsidiary of the Boston Beer Company — agreed Wednesday to pony up the beer money to settle up for peddling products lacking proper registration labels, according to the State Liquor Authority.

The SLA discovered in 2016 that American Craft Brewery had registered only one of its products — Twisted Tea Summer Blueberry — for sale in the state.

By early 2018, the company still hadn’t registered its other brews — in the meantime with sales of more than $24 million in 2017.

The fine was the largest for a brewer in state history.

The labels are required to ensure public safety.

A Boston Beer spokesperson blamed a “clerical error” for its registration flub.

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