Brit claims she suffered ’hellish’ bites from bed bug-infested seat on TUI plane after two-week Goa holiday

A HOLIDAYMAKER claims she was eaten alive during her return flight from Goa while sitting on a “bug infested” seat.

Travel giants TUI are investigating Jane Nash’s claims that her seat on the ten-hour Boeing Dreamliner flight on November 5 was “infested by bed bugs or biting gnats”.

 Jane Nash’s claims her seat on a ten-hour TUI Boeing Dreamliner flight was infested by bed bugs or biting gnats

The 59-year-old retired IT worker says she woke up later that evening to find herself covered in red bites on her legs, armpits and back.

After immediately complaining to the holiday company directly, the mum-of-two slammed TUI for their “lack of cleanliness” aboard their aircraft and “inadequate” customer services.

TUI confirmed they were thoroughly investigating the claims, including trying to establish the nature of the bites, but explained they have a "robust cleaning and inspection programme".

Jane, who lives near Tring, Herts, said: "It was just hellish. I did feel uncomfortable on the plane, but then again everybody feels uncomfortable on a plane.”

 The morning after the flight, Jane said found herself covered in red bites on her legs, armpits and back

She felt okay after disembarking at Gatwick, but began feeling the alleged insect bites later that evening in bed.

She said: "I just remember waking up at 3am and feeling itchy.

"I know that it must have been the seat because I felt fine during the two weeks I was on holiday.

"I just went to bed that night and I just remember feeling so itchy all over and those red spots had come up. It was hellish.

"I had jean shorts on and I think the bugs must have climbed up the backs of my legs.

“I was fine for two weeks in the hotel and then after a ten-hour flight I get bites? It's just unbelievable."

 Jane felt okay after disembarking at Gatwick, but began feeling the alleged insect bites later that evening in bed

Jane says she doesn't want any compensation from TUI though, just the recognition that they'll check the planes and make sure they are properly cleaned.

She said: "I really don't want any money. I just want them to check the aircraft. I think there are systemic problems with aircraft cleanliness.

"They should just be doing more regular checks.

"When I contacted TUI they just didn't seem to give a s**t. I got the standard automated 'we'll reply in 28 days' response.”

She added: "I have to say I have no complaints about the staff on board the flight. I just want to let people know about this."

 Jane and her husband on their ten-day holiday in Goa

A TUI spokesperson said: "We were very concerned to hear of the reports from Mrs Nash regarding her flight from Goa to London Gatwick.

“We have started a full and through investigation, which will include trying to determine the nature of these bites for which we will require supporting medical evidence.

"Since this was only reported to us a couple of days ago, the investigation is still underway and as such we wouldn't want to comment further at this stage.

“We are however disappointed not to have been granted an opportunity to complete our assessments and successfully resolve the situation directly with our customer. We are in contact with Mrs Nash.

"We'd like to reassure customers that we have a robust cleaning and inspection programme for all aircraft and we adhere to IATA standards as well as following the World Health Organisation guidelines for aircraft interior cleaning."


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