Brit in a coma after breaking his neck in freak fall in the Caribbean

THE sister of a man who suffered horrific injuries during a freak accident on a Caribbean island is appealing to the public to help fund his life-saving treatment.

Kurt Russell, 32, is in an induced coma after falling from a three storey building on the island of Sint Maarten just two days after Christmas.

The father-of-two fractured his skull and neck and suffered a bleed on the brain but his lack of health insurance mean the hospital are refusing to provide additional care until sufficient funds are provided.

The dire situation has forced his family back home to borrow nearly £50,000 from friends and credit card companies.

Sister Tyla said: "My mum has borrowed money from everyone.

"So far we have sent over £49,000 so that he can have the operation.

"It's all on credit cards and lent from people – he had already spent 48 hours just waiting."

Their efforts have meant Kurt, who volunteers as a construction worker on the island, was airlifted to the Cayman Islands for further surgery yesterday.

But doctors have warned Tyla and her family that further money will be required after Kurt comes out of theatre.

In an attempt to make a dent into treatment costs, Tyla, from Hertfordshire, decided to set up a Just Giving fundraising page.

She hopes to be able to raise the initial amount borrowed by the family, describing them as "devastated" by the accident.

"I was devastated, absolutely devastated.

"My dad said he felt broken, my mum is so numb – it's just awful."

Owing to the young age of his children, six-year-old Alexander and four-year-old Leah, the family have decided not to tell them about his accident.

"He loves his family and kids, they mean the world to him," added Tyla.

"He's one of a kind."

The crowdfunding page for Kurt can be found here:

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