Brit medical student, 23, arrested in US says his girlfriend MADE UP claims that he’d tried to shoot her and beat her up

A BRIT student accused of beating up and shooting at his girlfriend in the US has claimed the charges are a pack of lies.

Tony Boyd, 23, from Troon, Ayrshire, was released on bail after being charged with firing a gun during an attack on Sophie Kelly and a friend.

Tony Boyd, right, is accused of attacking Sophie Kelly, left

Sophie, who was born in Fife but had just moved to Waukesha, Wisconsin, previously told the Daily Record: “When over here, he attacked myself and a friend of mine and fired a gun at us.

“He was arrested and put in the county jail.”

But Tony has told Sun Online he never laid a finger on his vet girlfriend – branding her claims “completely obscene” and revealing they left him “stunned”.

He also said he fired the gun – which he found in her friend’s bag – by accident and was alone at the time.

Sophie said she and a friend were attacked by the medical student

Sophie Kelly claims her boyfriend fired a gun during the alleged incident

Tony blasted the claims against him, branding them 'completely false'

Sophie, who was born in Fife, 'had just moved to the US to begin a new job'

Tony said: “After living with me for one year in my apartment rent-free I went out to the US for two months to help her settle in to her new job before I came home to finish my degree at the end of August.

“I came home to the apartment one night whilst out there to find her in her bedroom with her work colleague.

“I threw a few punches at him and chased him out.

“She is trying to push charges that I hit her in spite of what happened – but this is completely false.”

Boyd was allowed to return to Scotland while he awaits the start of his US trial

Sophie is pictured in her work overalls shortly after starting her new job in the US

Speaking of how the gun went off, the medical student said: “I took the guy’s bag out to the back porch and emptied it.

“He had a gun in there and I’ve never shot a gun in my whole life.

“The gun went off and a bullet went off into the distance and then I ran out of the apartment.

“I was the only one there at the time. If anyone was affected by it was mostly me. I was in shock.

“About 15 minutes later the police turned up and I just turned myself in and I told them exactly what happened.”

Tony is said to be facing one charge of discharging a firearm, two charges of battery and another charge of criminal damage to property.

The couple 'had been dating for several months' at the time of the alleged incident

He is now back in the UK after pleading not guilty during an August court appearance.

He was allowed to return to Scotland to continue his studies while awaiting his trial.

Court papers reportedly read: “In exchange to the agreed-upon bail, the state will not be requesting that the defendant turn over his passport.”

But he was ordered not to touch alcohol or contact Sophie as strict conditions for his release, it was reported.

Court papers are quoted as saying: “Absolute sobriety, defendant is not to possess or consume any alcohol.”

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